Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

I am very pleased to say I finally was able to go skiing after not going for almost six years! The Friday before last (March 4th), some fellow UNH-goers and myself made it up to the Sierra. It could not have been more of a perfect day. The sky was blue, the weather just the right temperature, and the snow conditions pretty good. Fortunately, muscle memory kicked in right away and I skied as if there was no gap at all! I hope I can go again soon. And the view from up there.. well.. pictures just don’t do it justice. I couldn’t believe how much and how far we could see. It was breath-taking.



Segovia, España

During our weekend in Madrid, we also made a day trip to Segovia. Fortunately, it was a much nicer day than it had been in Toledo so I have more pictures! We were able to take a tour of the Patronato del Alcázar de Segovia which is a castle now made into a museum. And of course we saw the Aqueduct of Segovia which was as massive and impressive as it looks in photos. This time I don’t plan on talking your ear off. Let me just get right to the pictures.. there are a lot.. sorry if some are sideways. It’s 1:21am and I gotta get to bed so it was all I could do just to get them on here! Goodnight!

Madrid, España

Shortly after boarding the bus in Toledo, we arrived in Madrid, the capital of Spain. It was especially interesting for me because I had just been there two weeks prior for the Hozier concert. It was almost like a bad case of Déjà vu. We got ourselves to the hotel and threw our things in our rooms and headed out to see Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. Another night, though now they are all blurred together in my head, we went to Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. All of us went to see Picasso’s painting “Guernica” first and after that most left, but a few of us stuck around to look at more paintings. I was happy to find a good amount of paintings by Salvador Dali of whom I am a big fan. I also found other artists that I was planning to look up afterwards but of course forgot all of their names when finally I was back in Granada. Other than that, walking around Madrid was a good time. I went shopping, saw some famous monuments, and went out for tapas with friends. On a free night, Sharissa and I went to see Phantom of the Opera at a nearby theater on the main street. It was amazing. Granted, I didn’t understand too much of what they were saying, but because I already knew the story and music well, it was easy to follow. It was really cool to see it on stage for the first time and very interesting to watch the story carried out in another language.

On the last day, I woke up feeling very sick but was hoping it would pass. We made our way to Museo Nacional del Prado. Unfortunately, I had to sit out the tour because of how terrible I was feeling. I ended up spending the day in bed with the flu. That night, however, we went to a Real Madrid soccer game at the stadium. Although I was still feverish and feeling terrible, I admit it was pretty fun. The stadium was huge and everyone had a good time. Because of how late the game was, we didn’t end up getting to Granada until about 5am that Monday (first day of classes). Turns out I had another week and a half of sickness waiting for me but I am happy to say that today I am healthy and hoping to stay that way! *knock on wood*

So now that I have written enough to bore you, enjoy some pictures!

Toledo, España

This is LONG overdue, sorry guys. So the last weekend of January my program took a weekend trip to Madrid just before the start of classes. On the way there we stopped in Toledo and saw the sights there. Needless to say, it was very cool. The town had a very antiqued feel and the architecture was stunning of course (though seems like all of Spain has that going for them). Toledo is very famous for its metal-working industry. There are lots of stores selling hand-made swords, knives, shields and jewelry.  After walking around, we stopped for a big lunch with two main courses and desert and then boarded the bus again for Madrid. Unfortunately, it was a pretty rainy day, so I didn’t take many pictures but here are some to give you an idea 🙂